Adhesives & Primers


Whether you glue your floor direct to the subfloor or the tongue and groove. The below products have been tried and tested with our installation team.

Wakol MS230 Adhesive for Wood Flooring is specially designed for engineered wooden floors

  • Solvent-free, one component, elastic adhesive

  • Perfect for prefinished engineered flooring

  • Suitable for underfloor heating

  • This method will achieve a fully bonded installation and any hollow sound will be avoided

  • Initial bonding time: Hardened after 24 hours; sandable after 24-48 hours

  • Coverage: 800-1400 grammes per m2

  • Can be used with the Wakol PU280 Primer and WakolD3055 Universal Primer

Wakol PU 280 Polyurethane Primer is for priming absorbent and non-absorbent subfloors, and to reinforce abraded concrete edges. Also for capillary ascending humidity and higher residual humidity up to 6 CM% in cement paving without floor heating on heated cement paving up to max. 3 CM%.

  • Single component polyurethane resin primer

  • Suitable for use as a damp proof membrane

  • Strengthens the subfloor

  • Can be used on absorbant and non-absorbant subfloors

  • Quick drying (only 45 minutes per layer)!

  • Solvent and water free

  • Usage per m²: approx. 100-150 g/m² as primer, approx. 250-350 g/m² as moister blocker


Wakol D3055 Universal Primer Parquet is a waterbased primer for under wooden flooring adhesives on absorbant subfloors.

  • Strengthens the subfloor surface

  • Not suitable as damp proof membrane

  • Non hazardous

  • Consumption per m²: 100-150 g/m²

From Vermeister PRIMER SF, THE ONLY moisture barrier with unbeatable characteristics.

· Low environmental impact with EC1 certification

· Solvent-free

· Highly resistant to humidity

· Low viscosity for deeper penetration

· Grease-free surface for perfect adhesion


Single component water and solvent-free polyurethane primer.

The low level viscosity and high level penetration make the primer suitable for consolidating and waterproofing concrete and anhydrite screeds with just one coat. It is recommended especially for screeds with built-in heating. The EC1 classification certifies the very low emission of volatile organic substances both during application and when the floor is in use. Being solvent-free, it is safe for transport and storage (non-inflammable product) and during use (odourless, it can also be used in the vicinity of occupied rooms). Compared with products containing water, PRIMER SF offers a far higher coverage and does not increase the moisture of the screed.

Lecol PVAC glue is a water-based dispersion glue which guarantees a durable adhesion.  Lecol PVAC glue is a quick polyvinylacetate based glue and has a high shear strength. Lecol PVAC glue corresponds to the requirements of Class Norm EN 204. 1KG

Ready for use. (can be mixed with water). The tools can be cleaned with water, dried glue with acetone.

Consumption: approx. 120 - 200 gr/m² Packaging

Open time: approx. 5 -7 minutes. The glue must dry for at least 12 hours.

Storage: Do not use at a temperature below +10°C, Do not store below +5°C, Protect from frost. Shelf life approx 6 months.

Application Especially suitable for glueing laminate and floor elements. The glue should applied at room temperature (20 °C) to the groove from end to end. Press the panels together firmly to ensure a tight fit. Use a wooden block to prevent damage to the tongue. The open time of Lecol PVAC glue is approx 5-7 minutes, depending on the temperature. The average drying time of the glue is about 30 minutes. Excess glue should be removed immediately with a towel, before it dries. Open containers should be resealed immediately and stored correctly

Mono-component adhesive based on silane polymers for elastic bonding of wooden floors. It is water and solvent free, it does not contain epoxy resins nor isocyanate. It is suitable for engineered wood floorings of any species and dimensions. It is also suitable for solid wood up to 140 mm width on any type of absorbent and non absorbent sub-floors. Thanks to its elasticity, it is particularly recommended on under-floor heating and cooling systems; it does not swell and has got good sound proofing properties. Easy to use, high yield, no waste, easy to clean from hands and prefinished parquet, Tovcol MS Start has no symbol of risk and a very low VOC content.