Decking Protection


Premium Protection for your Decking

Special Wood Oil 
.75l, 2.5l or 10 l

» protects and maintains wooden decks, terraces,  furniture and other outdoor wood

» transparent – satin matt

» slip resistant R9

» weatherproof

» water- and dirt-repellent

SAICOS Special Wood Oil protects and maintains the wood
 naturally: the natural plant oils penetrate deeply into the wood, keep it healthy and elastic and protect the surface against
 weather influences. Saliva and sweat resistant accd. DIN 53160 T.1+2. Complies with the migration behavior according to DIN EN 71T.3. Slip resistant R9.

Green Ex Concentrate
.75l, 5l or 10l

Removes green-growth from all exterior wood also from natural and artificial stone terasses, steps and gravestones » cleans self acting » prevents new growth.

SAICOS Green-Ex is an effective, biological concentrate for the easy removal of green growth and similar infestation. It is self-acting, gentle but thorough. Prevents new growth.

Wood Brightener
.75l, 2.5l or 10 l

» de-greys outdoor wood without sanding

» garden furniture, wooden decking, also hard and  precious wood get back  their natural appearance.

Product characteristics: SAICOS Wood Brightener is a highly effective special product for cleaning and refreshing of greyed, worn down exterior wood surfaces. The original colour shade of the wood will appear again. Will not harm the healthy wood.


Floor Brush  

Floor brush for all Saicos floor system