Few things are more inviting than a light-colored oak floor, and this one is especially charming and versatile. This option is light and bright, with a natural engineered oak floor that has been UV oiled. It's the perfect backdrop for any area in your home.

When you choose this floor, you are getting a true blank canvas on which to design your room. Perhaps you're redoing the flooring in a bedroom or a living room? Perhaps a kitchen? You will not be disappointed no matter which room you choose to install this floor in. It's a versatile solution that works well both now and in the future.


Plank lengths of 1860mm 


Pack size 2.89m2 


Price per m2 


Lead time of 3-5 working days from the order date.

190MM X14/3MM Natural UV OIled

SKU: 141.319.15
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