Water-based binder to mix with the sawdust of the wood

With Basifon W, you can fill up the wood with the exact correct color. Can be used to fill up holes, knots, tears of furniture or parquet floors.


No odor / water-based Restores the parquet in its original color Can be tinted Dries quickly Useable for all finishing products of Basin This product has a solvent-based edition (NC-0010)

Color: uncolored

Mixing ratio:
- For a fluid product (e.g. surface, small cracks) you can add about 20% sawdust
- For a solid product (e.g. to fill up knots) it is better to add about 50% sawdust

Drying time: 15 to 30 min


Basifon Wood Filler1 litre

SKU: WV0010
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