Lecol filler 7500

Lecol filler 7500


Lecol 7500 800g Wooden Flooring Gap/Joint Filler For New & Reclaimed Parquet & Boards by Lecol

Lecol 5500 is a water-free synthetic resin adhesive.
To be used for laying mosaic and stick parquet as well as ready made parquet with high shear strength. Suitable for use on all properly prepared substrates. Lecol 5500 corresponds to the requirements of DIN 281.
With serrated trowel, for example TKB B2 (Pajarito C).
Suitable for Wheelchair and floor heating 
Technical Data
Storage:  Not below + 5°C., susceptible to freezing . Approx. 6 months at room temperature. Consumption:  about 700 -  900 g/m², depending on substrate and spreading thickness. Tool clean up:  Lecol K 50 thinners Open time:  approx 5 to 10 minutes at room temperature of 20°C. Drying time:  grindable after approx. 16-24 hours in normal climate conditions. When the substrate is very absorbent, grinding can be effected after about 8 hours.

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