SAICOS Clear Oil Finish is a colourless oil finish for wood, which shall keep its natural character. It is water and dirt repellent, non-slip, and highly resistant against scratches and abrasion. SAICOS Clear Oil Finish protects the wood naturally: The natural plant oils penetrate into the wood, keep it healthy and elastic and protect the surface against weather influences  and moisture. Swelling and shrinking of the wood (forming of gaps) is reduced. SAICOS Clear Oil Finish bonds permanently with the wood, it will not crack, flake, peel or blister, therefore no sanding in case of renovation. The surface is dirt and water repellent and very resistant concerning common household chemics. Coffee, tea, wine, beer, coke, fruite juice, milk nor water can penetrage and are therefore easily removed (acc. DIN 68861-1C).


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Saicos Clear Oil Finish

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