Product characteristics: SAICOS Green-Ex is an effective, biological concentrate for the easy removal of green growth and similar infestation. It is self-acting, gentle but thorough. Prevents new growth.


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Saicos Green-Ex Concentrate

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  • Fields of application: For all outdoor materials: wood, stone, concrete, cement, roof tiles, aggregate concrete, sand-lime brick, ceramic, tiles, clay, plastic, glass, paints and varnishes… Also for coated / uncoated outdoor wood: wooden decking, garden furniture, pergolas, trellis, fences… (without damaging the finish) Preparation: Remove coarse dirt (broom or brush). Protect metal (f.i. fittings) with masking tape. Cover plants with foil. Protect clothes. Surface should not be wet. Dilute with water up to 10 parts, depending on degree of green growth infestation (can also be used undiluted if heavily soiled). Processing: Apply with watering can, garden sprayer or SAICOS Flat Brush. In case of small areas e.g. garden furniture let act for approx. 1 hour and wipe off or rinse afterwards with water. Product can be used concentrated if the surface is heavily soiled. Just apply in case of larger areas e.g. decking – no rinsing necessary. Procedure can be repeated, if green growh remains after first cleaning. Best processing temperature: Between 8° C und 25° C. Just apply on frostfree surfaces. Coverage per liter: 1 liter is sufficient for 50 – 100 m² (dependant on dilution and infestation). Number of treatments: 1x; in case of heavy infestation 2x Drying time: Dependant on weather condition; dries as usual wet surface. If subsequent coating is desired, surface must be completely dry.

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