Saicos Premium Hardwax Oil 2.5 Litres

Saicos Premium Hardwax Oil 2.5 Litres


For a superior coating

No overlapping marks - extremely durable - easy care

2 coats in 1 day ! 


There is nothing better and more comfortable than a wooden floor when properly treated and maintained.


For interior use on all kinds of wood floors, cork floors, table and work tops, children’s toys and other wood objects.

Colourless, Ideal natural finish for hardwood and cork flooring and other interior wood surfaces.Spot repairs need no sanding, does not leave any visible repair marks.Water and dirt repellent, environmentally friendly and is microporous.The timber retains its natural character even after many years of use.


Also an ideal finish for natural furniture (especially table tops and kitchen working surfaces)Hardwood floor is easy to maintain with a high resistance and non-slip.

Higher coverage with 1 L covers about 14 m² with 2 coats and 23 m² with 1 coat.

Hardwax Oil Classic drying time 8 hours.

Premium Hardwax Oil dries after only 3 - 4 hours (wood) or 6 hours (cork), so 2 coats are possible in one day.


.75L available 


The revolutionary Premium Hardwax Oil system

3 additives that are particularly designed for your needs

Create you own product individually with our colourless Premium Hardwax Oil.

Just pour in the additive - stir well - done 

Saicos Anti - Slip R10 3240

Additive UV Protection 3242

Additive Hardener 2K 3243


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