Saicos Special Wood Oil .75l

Saicos Special Wood Oil .75l


Product characteristics:

Transparent and open-porous special wood colour with natural oil base. Especially developed to protect and maintain wooden decks, furniture and other outdoor wood intended to look ”natural“. The satin matt and natural looking surface accentuates wood tone and grain. Exeptional good penetration, highly weather resistant, very durable.

  • Fields of application:

    Weather protective and care coating for wood decking, garden furniture, wood on terraces and balconies etc.

    SAICOS Special Wood Oil is the appropriate finish for hard and fine woods, thermowood and pressure impregnated woods and all other exterior and interior wood.


    Preparation: Wood surface must be dry, clean and frost free (max. moisture content 18%). Remove old varnishes (f. i. from garden furniture). Previously oiled or waxed wood need only to be cleaned (if necessary sand slightly - max. grain 150 - remove dust).

    Wooden decking should be cleaned with SAICOS Wood Brightener before coating with SAICOS Special Wood Oil.



    Pretreat wood tending to get blue stain (f. i. pine, douglas fir, larch, oak) with one coat of SAICOS Wood-Impregnation 9003* (dry at least 18 hrs). It should not rain during coating and one day afterwards. Wood with grey, weathered surfaces can regain its initial appearance by a pre-treatment with SAICOS Wood Brightener.


    If possible coat new wood on all sides before installation. Freshly pressure impregnated wood needs to be exposed to weather prior coating (3-6 months). *Use biocide products with caution. Always read label and product information prior usage.


    Processing: SAICOS Special Wood Oil is ready to use - do not dilute - stir well. Apply with SAICOS Flat Brush, SAICOS Floor Brush (for wooden decking).

    1st coat: Apply evenly and thinly along wood grain.

    2nd coat: Apply like the 1st coat. Best processing temperature: between 8 °C and 35 °C Coverage per liter: 1 liter = approx. 14 m2 (2 coats) Apply on frost free wood surfaces only. Coverage depends on wood species and surface structure. Please calculate with higher consumption in case of wooden decking which has been exposed to weather influences for years.

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