The coating with UV protection against yellowing for all interior woods, also suitable for damp areas. Can only be painted over with the same coating.

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Saicos UV Protection Wood Finish Interior

  • Preparation:

    Wood surface must be clean and dry (max. moisture content 18 %). Clean old open-pored finishes if in good condition. Remove old lacquer coats. Apply on frostfree wood only. We recommend a pretreatment of wood tending to develop blue stain (f.i.
     softwood such as pine and fir) with one coat of SAICOS Preservative Wood Impregnation 9003* if possible on all sides of the wood (drying time min. 18 hrs).



    SAICOS UV Protection Wood Finish Exterior is ready to use. Stir well. Apply with SAICOS Flat Brush thinly and evenly on clean and dry surface. The result is dependent on condition of wood surface – a trial application is therefore always recommended.


    Coverage per liter: 13 m² with 2 coats Depends on wood species and surface structure. Sawn wood has a higher consumption.


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