Product characteristics: SAICOS Wood Brightener is a highly effective special product for cleaning and and refreshing of greyed, worn down exterior wood surfaces. The original colour shade of the wood will appear again. Will not harm the healthy wood.


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Saicos Wood Brightener

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  • Fields of application: Garden furniture, wood decking and terraces, plant boxes, wooden grilles on balconies, wooden claddings etc. made of untreated wood. Preperation: Remove coarse dirt (broom or brush). Protect metal (f.i. fittings) with masking tape. Cover plants with foil. Protect clothes. Moisten surface. Processing: Apply generously with watering can, garden sprayer or SAICOS Floor Brush, undiluted or diluted up to 1:5 parts with water. Leave to act for 15-30 min. Scrub treated surface with scrubbing brush and plenty of water. Rinse wood surface thoroughly with water. Procedure can be repeated in case any greyed spots are left. Treatment of wooden decking: Coat surface with SAICOS Special Wood Oil after complete drying. Apply one coat (if totally untreated surface two coats) with SAICOS Floor Brush. Best processing temperature: between 8°C and 25 °C. Apply on frost free wood only. Coverage per liter: 1 liter is sufficient for 5 - 25 m2 (depending on dilution) Number of treatment: 1x, if heavily greyed 2x Drying time: Dependant on water condition; dries as usual wet surface. If subsequent coating is desired, surface must be completely dry

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