Do not be fooled by the thickness, this is designed to be thinner and denser to keep the increase in height of the floor to a minimum. The high tensile strength of TimberTech2 Silver gives it superior performance in any installation.

With heavy mass stability and stay-put quality it has excellent resistance to compression it provides solid and stable support even under the heaviest weight with thermal insulation and impact sound reduction properties. Being dust free means its cleaner and easier to install, with less clearing up afterwards.


With added-value technical benefits such as thermal insulation, vapour barrier lamination, acoustic management, high traffic resilience and underfloor heating enhancement. QA Timbertech2 Silver is one of those such products.

Timbertech2 Silver 2mm Underlay 10m2

Excluding VAT
  • Timbertech2 Silver is the ultimate choice for domestic and contract wood and laminate installations whenever the job priorities are definitive quality, lifetime performance and exacting material specifications.

    • Stays Put – the high density, fleece-backed natural rubber is extremely stable and prevents movement in your flooring.
    • Shhh! Quiet – TimberTech2 Silver is excellent at absorbing both impact and in-room noise, to really cut down noise levels in any room.
    • Damp Protection – dont worry about moisture rising up from the sub-floor the silver vapour barrier film protects your floor covering and keeps your floor dry.