One of the highest quality room acoustic underlays on the market - 3mm thick rubber with a silver vapour barrier film and backing fleece; for laminate, engineered, and solid wood; domestic and contract installations

✔ Laminated with a silver vapour barrier - protects against moisture migration from the subfloor

✔ Backing fleece on one side

✔ Ultra heavy mass stability and enhanced stay-put quality

✔ Superior sound energy absorption and performance properties

Timbertech2 Silver Plus 3mm Underlay 10m2 per Roll

    • Stability – the high density, fleece-backed natural rubber is extremely stable and prevents movement in your flooring.
    • Shhh! Quiet – this is an underlay with real acoustic performance thanks to its thick materials, cutting down noise levels to any room.
    • Dry as a Bone – don’t worry about moisture rising up from the sub-floor the silver vapour barrier film protects your floor covering against damp.
  • Plus a 20db impact noise reduction rating to prevent impact noise on wood/laminate floors.