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Engineered European Oak Flooring – Technical Specification



Traditionally, 2 layer engineered flooring comes in either generous 21 mm or 16 mm total thickness. Such is produced by using either 6 mm top layer bonded to 15 mm waterproof birch plywood, or 4 mm top layer bonded to 12 mm ply core. Custom constructions are available upon request. A classic 3 layer flooring comes in 14 mm thickness and is made using 4 mm top layer, 1,5 mm balancing layer of birch veneer on the bottom. Cross laid hardwood planks come in the middle section.



Tongue and Groove 4 Sides machined to a hundredth of a millimetre. Bevelled tongue in a tongue & groove section for easy jointing.



Epi glued and cold pressed for the best bonding results. Every board is tested to check that it is properly bonded. A sample of boards are laboratory tested on a regular basis to monitor how the bonding works in extreme conditions.


Top layer lamella

The hardwood wear layer is cut from a fresh sawn solid oak board and kiln dried afterwards. This gives a top layer uniform and light structure as opposed to cutting it from a dried board. The process produces a top layer lamella that has the same grain appearance of a solid board. The timber comes from FSC certified sources only. Every wear layer is calibrated to a consistent thickness.


Core plywood layer

Birch ply.Waterproof.9 core layers bonded together. Calibrated and sanded. All birch layers, no mixed species. Extra resistance and increased stability due to 9 layer construction of quality plywood. FSC and CARB certified.


Thermal conductivity: λ=0,17 W/mK (applies to 21 mm thickness).


Thermal resistance: Rc=0,12 m2K/W (applies to 21 mm thickness). Thermal conductivity: λ=0,17 W/mK (applies to 16 mm thickness).


Thermal resistance: Rc=0,09 m2K/W (applies to 16 mm thickness).

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