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Colour Matching

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Our factory near York hand finishes all of our floors, so we can offer a wide range of colours finished with either a UV oil or Hardwax oil. Our company can also offer a colour matching service. We can finish any design with any colour, providing a complete bespoke service. Please see below for the different finishing options.

JS Woodcraft only uses the highest quality oils to produce long-lasting, beautiful floors.

Colour Lab.JPG

Our Story

JS Woodcraft has an onsite colour lab, our skilled technicians are constantly working to bring our clients new and innovative colours and finishes.  

We use a wide range of market leading oils and stains to ensure our clients receive the best quality finishes in either a hardwax or UV oil.  All of our floors receive multiple clear coats to improve durability and ensure the floors look their best for years to come.

As we do all our colour development in house, we can offer a colour matching service, all we ask is that you send us the sample shade and our experts will work to match this on any design in our range.

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