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Versailles Panels

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Whether in domestic interiors or large commercial spaces, Versailles panel flooring delivers a grand finish. Originally used for replacing marble floors in the Palace of Versailles in the 1600s, this popular French design originated from the Palace of Versailles.

As a result of its iconic intricate pattern, it remains a popular design for creating striking floors today Installing Versailles panel flooring involves a meticulous process.


Versaillles (1).JPG

Versailles Panels

It requires skilled craftsmen to arrange the interlocking panels in a precise pattern, ensuring that each piece fits seamlessly together. The result is a stunning floor that exudes elegance and adds a touch of timeless beauty to any space.

Versailles Panels can be fitted either as a centre piece with a plank border or fitted across the entire floor for the full ‘wow’ factor.


Versailles 800 x 800mm
Versailles 800 x 800mm
Variance Black Smoked & Oiled
Renaissance Natural Brown oil
Sudoku Natural oil
All elements bevelled.
All elements smooth
Distressed Surface
Etoile Smoked & White
Chateau Smoked & Oiled
Cross Cassette Natural White Oiled
Empire Natural Brown
Chateau Smoked & Oiled
Castel Deep smoked & oiled
Albert Black
Chantilly Natural Oiled
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