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Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

In the world of wood flooring, planks are the most popular design. During the 1600s, wood first began to be used as flooring, and this timeless style has survived to the present day.

Available in different textures, tones, and finishes.

Our planks range from narrow widths at 100mm through to 420mm, making the design incredibly versatile.

You can even lay as a Multi Width design.



Wooden plank flooring is unique and individual due to being a natural product.

Not one plank is ever the same due to its natural patterns and grain.


Generally, a narrow hallway benefits from a narrow plank, like the 140mm, while larger areas can use a wider plank.

Another option is to lay the planks diagonally across the room, creating an extra wow factor.


Our planks have a standard two way micro bevel, however we can change the bevel to a 4 way micro bevel, soft bevel, distressed, burnt or stained, to achieve a different look.


It doesn't matter what your specifications are, we have all plank wood flooring that will fit your home perfectly.

We keep in stock from the Elite Range

100mm, 140mm, 180mm, 220mm, 260mm & 300mm

16/4mm & 20/6mm

Rustic, Nature & Prime

However if you want a different size or grade, we can order this from our mill in Europe.

We keep in stock from the Core Range

190mm x 16/4mm Rustic

220 x 16/4mm Rustic or Select

300 x 20/4mm Select

We keep in stock from the Contract Range

190mm x 16/4mm & 190 x 14/3mm


Explore the Collections

The options displayed  are just a taster of what we can provide.

The possibilities are endless.


Core Westbourne
Core Oxford
Core Strand
Core Greenwich
Core Saville Row
Core Abbey
Core Bond
Core Harley
Core Unfinished Select
Core Unfinished Rustic
Elite Yewfield
Elite Windermere
Elite Ultra Grey
Elite Ultra Grey Sample Board 100mm
Elite Hayley
Elite Teban
Elite Vintage Grey
Elite Watson
Elite SKC
Elite Strensall
Elite Seared Oak
Elite Scarsdale
Elite Rora
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